First pipe

This category is devoted to all those people who desire to begin to smoke the pipe, or they is to the search of a pipe from the modest cost.
All the introduced pipes are of averages dimensions, ideal for the one who is to the first weapons, in the world of the slow smoke, but above all they are of very contained price.
All the introduced pipes are coming from stock or samples of great brands and they maintain for this standard motive qualitative tall.
To smoke the pipe is a' art, the art to taste the tobacco.
To begin the choice of your first pipe is not better a form of another, the pipe it is an object and as such you must be purchases in base to your own personal taste.
Together with the pipe you will be sent a small brochure that will illustrate you and he will explain the first footsteps in the world of the pipe.
Besides the pipe to begin it will serve you a prizes tobacco and a packet of cleaners.