Parker Pipes - English briar wood smoking pipes

Established in 1923, Parker of London is one of England's most experienced and prestigious pipe makers. Parker of London has always aimed to produce high quality pipes at affordable prices, a tradition which continues today. The reputation of the Parker Pipe has spread far and wide and the Parker pipe smoker is the envy of many of his peers throughout the world. Every care and attention to detail has been taken into account to make a Parker Pipe a joy and pleasure to smoke for years to come. A Parker Pipe is a precious item. Each pipe is made in the traditional way. Only the finest seasoned Mediterranean briar is used, which comes from the the root of the Erica Arborea plant (commonly known a White Heather). The burl of the root can take between 25 and 75 years to mature the point which satisfies our experts who trasform the rough-cut briar into a pipe bowls. Parker Pipes are made to a high standard and are crafted into a traditional English shapes. Great care is taken in the hand-finishing of the pipe bowls. Every pipe is fitted with a quality ebonite mouthpiece, chosen so as to complement the balance of the perfectly.