Pipes restoration and repair

Do you want to repair your pipe or simply restore it?

We repair your pipes.
We create a new mouthpiece on your pipe, making it as an original or with customized measurements.
The mouthpiece will be made in your preferred material and colour.
Each pipe has mouthpieces with different sizes, it will be necessary to have the head of the pipe for the repair.
If only the pin is broken, it will be possible to repair only the graft while maintaining the original mouthpiece.
In the event of cracks in the stem, it is advisable to insert a containing silver band.


Send us your pipe to be repaired with your data via traceable shipping, we will evaluate together the best solution for restoring your pipe.
Current repair times are approximately 2 months. In any case we will do our best to deliver the pipes to you as soon as possible.
Payment will be made once the work has been completed (except in special cases).
Payment can be made with all payment methods on the website.For the repair, cleaning service, the offers on transport costs made on the website are not valid.

Prices of the repair - restoration service:

Ebonite mouthpiece 33,00 €
Acrylic mouthpiece 39,00 €
Ebonite. Cumberland hand cut mouthpiece (Ex.Dunhill) 67,50 € 
Acrylic hand cut mouthpiece  (Ex. Castello) 55,00 € 
Acrylic mouthpiece for meerschaum pipe 67,50 €
Mouthpiece Tenon 27,00 €
Silver Band 38,00 € 
Horn, Amber or Churchwarden Mouthpiece Price on request
Pipe Polish 10,00 €