Loyalty Program


At Bollitopipe.it we care a lot about our loyal customers, which is why we have decided to implement a points collection program that rewards your loyalty.

How does it work?

It's very simple, with every order placed you accumulate loyalty points which can then be used to discount your subsequent purchases.
o participate, just register on the site and start buying your favorite products.

You can keep track of your points at any time, from your account in the "My loyalty points" section. Points will be credited when your order is shipped and delivered.
If your order is refunded or partially refunded, the relative points will be deducted.

The products of the categories do not participate in the collection of points: 
Estate pipes, books, e-cigarettes and non-salable categories.
Points will not be calculated on them and generated vouchers cannot be used.

The points can be accumulated and used only online. The points can be accumulated and used only online.

For the calculation of points, only the amount of the cart, net of VAT and shipping costs, will be taken into consideration ì; In the case of prices with decimals, it is the closest full price Eg. 9,90Eur will be calculated as 10Eur, 9,20Eur as 9,00Eur

The use of the points is net of shipping costs and any other discount codes.

You will always have under control the points that you can accumulate, under each product the number of points that you can accumulate in case of purchase and the relative value in Euros that would generate will be highlighted.
The summary will also be visible when ordering on your shopping cart page.

To redeem the points just click "Transform loyalty points" in the cart page, when placing the order, or at any time in your personal area; a voucher of the corresponding value will be generated and automatically added to your cart.

If you wish to use the voucher at a later time, you can find it in the "My loyalty points" section.

At the moment there is no minimum order for the use of vouchers, Bollitopipe reserves the right to change this rule at any time.
The points do not expire you can use them at any time. We reserve the right to suspend the program at any time, in which case you will not lose your points but a voucher of the value corresponding to the accumulated points will be loaded into your account.